Sharing Yoga with children is fun and healthy.

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Yoga Printables
We are sometimes limited by time and distance and so we can not always be there, beside you, to help you and your family in your yoga practice. To help reach out to a larger group, we have put together some printables - PDF files that you can download and use for your yoga practice at home. Some are free, some have a small fee - all are copyrighted by Children's Yoga Center. We are currently adding to this list, so please check back often.

Affirmations and Inspiration
These printables help get us into the right frame of mind for productive yoga practice and healthy living.

Children's Affirmation Pages

Yoga Poses and Instructions
These are simple drawings and instructions, designed for teachers and/or students to use during yoga practice. Featuring the 12 Basic Poses of Surya Namaskaram (Sun Salutation), Warrior Poses, and much more.

Sun Salutation

Free Coloring Pages
We are gathering a collection of Mandalas coloring pages. Fun and meditative, these free printable files make a great addition to any child's yoga practice. Please click on the link to open the PDF file and print.

Mandala Coloring Pages
Animal Coloring Pages
Dot-to-Dot Coloring Pages
Donations are easy (and always gratefully accepted) at Children's Yoga Center. You can even sponsor a child, through donations. Please give on-line with your credit card or PayPal balance, using the world's most trusted on-line payment processor,

Give your family the gift of good physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual good health.

Rochelle Hanlon, RCYT

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